Types of Wedding Jewellery in India

Types of Wedding Jewellery in India

The exchange of finger ring is symbolic of the beginning of a relationship.

Weddings are a major celebration in every individual’s life be it a man or woman. For women, it’s an occasion when they dress to look their best, while being adorned in the finest jewellery they have. In fact wearing jewellery is a tradition that is recognised by all the cultures and religions in India and it is something that all brides pay special attention to, for its religious and auspicious symbolism.

India is such a diverse country that there are different types of jewellery and ways of wearing it all across India, right from the north to the south. While some people may favour complete gold and diamond sets, some may prefer to match their ensemble with emerald earrings from India, which are famous the world over. Apart from earrings some of jewellery pieces and designs we get to see in India are;

Maang Tikka

A delicate work of jewellery it is placed at the centre of the head and is used for filling up the center parting of a woman’s hair, where the traditional sindoor is normally placed. A traditional symbol, it is one of the important ornaments worn by Indian women. A maang tikka is normally made along with the bridal set, matching with the colours of the necklace and the earrings. It can be worn in many different styles and even matched with the bridal outfit for creating a lasting impression on the guests.

Nose Rings

Slowly going out of style, nose rings were a essential part of a brides jewellery till many years ago. Nose rings with a gem implanted on them are very popular and are normally worn by married women, as a sign of their marital status. If you are considering, wearing it as part of your wedding ensemble, then make sure you select a size that suits your face and it not too big, as it may look odd and spoil the entire look you have planned for the wedding ceremonies.


Bangles are a woman’s best friend and can be worn, whenever they want to and mixed and matched with any of their outfits. During weddings, brides normally wear golden bangles though the trend is now changing to wearing something that matches their ensemble for the wedding functions. Traditional red glass bangles are also an essential part of a women’s wedding collection and are normally worn during the first few months of her marriage as a symbol of her newly acquired marital status.


Earrings are generally paired and matched with the bridal necklace as they need to complement each other. You can choose earrings from many styles and options and a heavy or a lighter one according to your preference. Your ensemble should ideally have two to three gold and diamond sets, with emerald earrings from India since they are the most beautiful and designed for comfort.

Finger Rings

Finger rings are very symbolic as they are the first things that are exchanged when a marriage is finalised between two individuals in an engagement ceremony. Both the partners are normally supposed to wear the rings they exchanged with each other, as part of the marriage ceremonies along with the other ornaments. Nowadays brides wear 2 – 3 coloured stone rings on each hand, matching the colours of their bridal outfit.

Anklets & Toe Rings

Unfortunately, anklets too like nose rings are slowly going out of style. Anklets or payal as it is commonly known and toe rings were earlier considered to be important accessories to be worn along with the bridal jewellery during the marriage ceremony in different cultures of India, as they are considered to be very auspicious.


Waist bands are an essential part of Indian bridal jewellery and worn by mostly all the cultures and religions across India. They are usually available in heavy and broad waistbands to slim designs, which brides can select based on their body type, the bridal outfit style and colour.

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