Amethyst Ring

The Birthstone of February: Amethyst

Amethyst is already a natural gemstone you should be looking out for in 2019. This is because of its various shades of purple which make it a fashionable colour this year. It has a rich history surrounded in legends and myth. The Ancient Greeks believed it helped prevent intoxication amongst other myths from around the world. The beauty of February’s birthstone is that it can be cut in different sizes and shades, making it perfect for jewellery. The ranging shades of purple mean it complements any outfit in a girl’s wardrobe, warm or cool colour. It also looks stunning in either yellow or white metal.

Shopping for a February person?

If you are shopping for a special someone who was born in February, then jewellery is a fail-safe route to go down. If you are planning on asking the big question, amethyst makes for beautiful engagement rings, complemented with diamonds. There is no way she would say no! But if it isn’t the question you are going to be asking then you should consider looking at pendants and earrings with the beautiful lavender stone. These don’t need to be too large or flashy, as the stone will put the work in to stand-out. As you can wear the gem with any outfit, your special person will wear them with pride for every occasion.

However, if you are going to go big, amethyst appear very frequently in antique cocktail rings, which any girl will love. Big stones rest on a bed of smaller sparkling gems, catching the light and the eye of every guest in a party.

With a hardness of 7, amethyst can be worn daily without a problem. Although some caution goes a long way. Try and keep the stone away from rough materials as they can scratch it, and some household cleaners with acid and alkaline solutions can also damage the beautiful gem. Soap and warm water are enough to clean your amethyst jewellery.

Final things to consider

If after learning about the history of Amethyst and the myths and legends that surround it you are still unsure of what to buy, then consider this. Amethyst is a beautiful and affordable stone. You can get it with many cuts, however, it can be found with incredible clarity and no incisions visible to the naked-eye. This make it a beautiful natural gemstone to add to any girl’s jewellery collection. It is a fail-safe gift for anyone born in February. It has believed to have hundreds of benefits across the world.

A stone to look out for in 2019, the birthstone of February, and surrounded in spirituality and legends. Those are just three of the many reasons why you should be buying your special someone amethyst jewellery this year, and more importantly, this upcoming month. She will instantly fall in love with it!

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