How to Shop for Ruby Jewellery — A Buying Guide

How to Shop for Ruby Jewellery — A Buying Guide

People now look for the best jewelry with rubies, specifically Indian Ruby earrings. These stones that emit a blood red color together with its shining physique can be so beautiful. However, they can also be expensive. To help you with your search for the best and most luxurious ruby jewelry, let us look into some tips on how to look for them.

1. Rubies Are Very Durable

One notable characteristic of rubies is their durability. They are so hard and they do not gain scratches that easily. Incidents such as minor impacts and knocks do not affect rubies. When looking for rubies, look for something that is clear through its blood red color. If the ruby has inclusions, make sure they are only at a minimum.

The inclusions that some ruby stones possess are not an indication that it could break or crack. They are a natural occurrence. But, you have to opt for a stone that has little to no inclusions.

2. Prices of Ruby Depend on Its Size and Color

Obviously, the larger the ruby, the more expensive it becomes. The quality also plays a large part in its pricing. Often, a ruby that is clearer and lesser inclusion will be more expensive than the ones with visible lines.

Note that a ruby that has no inclusions may be twice as expensive as a larger ruby that has visible inclusions. Additionally, the more blood red the ruby, the higher you would have to pay.

3. There is No Flawless Ruby

Rubies are not like diamonds. There will never be a ruby without flaws. So, you do not have to be so strict about choosing them. If you are shopping for rubies, shop for the best ones while taking the size, color, and visibility of inclusions into consideration. Compare different stones from different jewelers through its size and clarity. It is important that you do a thorough comparison so you get the most efficient deal.

4. See the Ruby Under a Microscope

When a jeweler says no to your request to see the ruby under a microscope, that should tell you something that they may be hiding something about the quality of the ruby. If you see that the ruby has a cloudy appearance because of the presence of inclusions, do not buy it.

While you are looking at the ruby under a microscope, pay attention to inclusions. There should be no inclusions that reach the surface. These inclusions tend to make the ruby weaker and more prone to cracks.

5. Look at Ruby in Proper Lighting

It is always a better idea if you could view the ruby under proper lighting. This brings out the stone’s true quality. So, when shopping for a ruby, ensure that the jeweler has proper lighting in their store or when shopping online ensure the images are clear so it becomes easier for you to check on the stone.

If shopping offline ask the jeweler if they are using fluorescent lights. This type of lights is “red deficient” that makes it uncomfortable to view Indian Ruby earrings. If you can, try to ask if the ruby can be viewed under incandescent light or even daylight.

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