Why Have Sapphires Become Best Suited for Engagement Rings?

Why Have Sapphires Become Best Suited for Engagement Rings?

Humans since the dawn of time have found ingenious ways to use stones. We have used them to create beautiful stone carvings and to erect housing structures. More valuable and rare stones have however been used as symbols of success, class, and riches. Precious stones such as gemstones have been inculcated into various traditions and human cultures as symbols of astronomical wealth and status. These stones have for some time been used during nuptial ceremonies in wealthy families. Colored gemstones have particularly been singled out as the ideal stones to be put on by the bride.

For a long time diamonds have been the most preferred pieces by bridal parties after sapphires lost their former glory. Today, however, sapphires have become the favorite stones to be used in high profile weddings and most desire semi precious stone jewellery online. The following five reasons explain why sapphires have made such a comeback.

They Are Unique

Sapphires have the desirable quality of having distinct qualities from other stones. Various color shades have made sure that no two sapphire stones look alike. This rainbow of colors found in sapphires ensures that your sweetheart gets a unique piece to put on their finger as an engagement ring. We all know how much girls value uniqueness. Getting this for your bride would, therefore, be perfect.

Sapphires Are More Affordable than Diamonds

High diamond prices have been maintained not so much by the rarity of the stones but by the ingenious marketing techniques such as the catchphrase “diamonds are forever”. Sapphires which are surprisingly rarer have seen much less attention drawn to them causing them to have much more reasonable price points. Secondly, the sapphire industry is not as monopolized as the diamond industry, which means that there is no universal pricing system. Since there is no one organization that sapphire traders have to answer to, prices are more affordable to all.

They Are a More Ethical Choice

Unlike diamonds which are mostly acquired through conflict and bloodshed, sapphires are mined by small families on community operated mines. This makes it easy to track who benefits from sapphire trade. Large-scale diamond mining involves a lot of political conditions which make it difficult to trace the origin of the diamonds.

They Are Highly Durable

Sapphires are extremely durable because they are very strong and scratch resistant. This attribute is the reason Apple chose this material to laminate their new watch which was recently released on the market. Other stones do not possess this near-indestructible quality making sapphires very unique. An engagement ring that has a sapphire is not only durable but also irresistible to stare at.

Their Value is Currently Rising

A good reason to buy sapphires right now is the possible gains in value. This is attributed to the skyrocketing value of sapphires in the market. This explains why the Sapphire profile has risen and has become the most searched for semi precious stone jewellery online.

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