Ruby Gemstone

What is Ruby ?

Ruby Gemstone is a precious stone that comes in pinkish-red to blood red gem variety of the mineral Corundum.

The characteristic red color of the stone is caused by the presence of chromium and when it is reddish-brown, then due to the presence of iron.

Ruby Jewellery

Are you born on July? Ruby gemstone is your birthstone. Lucky and auspicious for you specially.

The name of this “Ruby” Gemstone has been derived from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red.

Ruby gemstone is one of the most popular and famed red gemstones. In addition to the bright red tint of the stone, Ruby is also priced for its hardness, durability, rarity and luster. Some of the transparent rubies of larger dimensions are rarer than even diamonds.


Color Specifications

The color of Ruby ranges from blood red to deep reddish-brown. The blood red variant of this gemstone is the most preferred one that comes with a slightly bluish hue. This kind of rare Ruby is referred to as the “Burmese Ruby” or also as “Pigeon’s Blood Ruby” are extremely rare to find in the early days of trade, but now Mozambique Rubies are popular and significantly cheaper than their Burmese counterparts. The Ruby gemstones from Burma are known for their exceptional coloring and the finest Rubies have been derived from Burma.

The color of the particular gemstone is usually caused by the presence of inclusions of the metal chromium. The presence of impurities is responsible for imparting a florescent tinge to the gemstone that helps in the process of identification. They also tends to be “pleochroic” which sometimes tends to display a lighter and more intense color when viewed from different angles.



More about ruby gemstone


Ruby being one of the most popular gemstones, it is extensively used in the jewelry industry. It used both as a centerpiece gemstone in earrings & pendants and also a supporting stone along with other complementary gemstones like diamonds. The Star Ruby is polished as “cabochons”, Later when clear can serve to be extremely precious.

Treatments & Enhancements of Ruby

Ruby is often treated with heat for improving the color. A heat process is used to burn out the inclusions present in the ruby so that they look prettier. The untreated Ruby with the presence of excellent natural tint is exceptionally valuable.

A recent practice in the gemstone industry is to fracture-fill the rubies to conceal all flaws also known as Glass Filled Rubies. The fracture-filled rubies tend to highly cheaper than their original counterparts.

Ruby Gemstone Varieties

There are several variants of the Ruby gemstone, some of which include:

Star Ruby, Burma Ruby, Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, Ruby Fuschite, Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby Gemstone Sources

The center of the Ruby gemstone trade is in Bangkok, Thailand. The most valuable range of the rubies with the finest color & transparency come from Mogok, Burma (Myanmar). All new sources of the precious Ruby have also been discovered in Madagascar making Ruby Gemstone some of the precious mineral in the world.

Other important sources include that of Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Mozambique, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, Australia, and the United States (North Carolina).

Famous Ruby in the World

The Carmen Lucia Ruby is one of the finest and the largest faceted Burmese rubies known until now.

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