The Reason behind Emeralds Popularity

The Reason behind Emeralds Popularity

Since time memorial precious stones have always intrigued humans like no other object. Over the centuries there has been rising interest in these gemstones. Although with time many new and attractive things have come up the value and the glamour associated with owning a premium precious gem stone has only increased. It is because of this reason that purchasing some of the most elite precious stones are often viewed as an excellent investment. Women particularly are extremely fond of these things. Be it gold, silver, platinum or any other gemstone, they invariably make excellent jewellery. A nice set of necklace or a pair of earrings can help improve the overall appearance.

It is an excellent accessory for women which have existed for centuries. It is especially useful when going out for a grand event. A classy ornament can grab the attention of all the people in a gathering. Earlier, expensive gemstones mainly meant gold, diamond and platinum. However, in the last couple of decades the variety of stunning gemstones has increased the options of women all over the world by many folds. One gem which has managed to capture the imagination of people from all over the world in recent times is Emerald. Real emerald rings, necklaces and earrings have been one of the best sellers in many jewellery stores in the country.

Here anyone interested in learning more about this exquisite gemstone will get a fair idea about all things related to emeralds.

Advantages of Emerald

This stone is believed to have incredible recuperating force. It is a well known fact that these stones have several medical benefits. It is for this reason during the Vedic times it had immense respect and value. This stone is actually an insubordinate of the mineral Beryl. Emeralds are connected with the planet Mercury and many people also associate it with Buddha. It is also widely regarded as a gemstone which brings a lot of luck to the person who wears it. Therefore, one may notice many astrologers suggesting this stone to be worn by anyone going through a tough phase in their lives. As a result apart from its spectacular beauty and the great modern designs that they are available in modern times, it also has many other significant advantages.


Nowadays everyone likes a bit of variety. With so many different types of gemstones available in the market one is always searching for things which are different, which helps to stand out from the crowd. Emeralds fit the bill perfectly. These are extremely rare gems which are not worn by too many people. Hence, if a person wears ornaments with these attractive gems on them one is sure to get a lot of compliments. Moreover, the colour of this gem is very different to most of the other gemstones. This also makes it very unique. They are suitable to be worn on any occasion. They are also easy to maintain which makes them ideal for regular use. However, it can also hold its own when one wears them on big events.

Purchasing Emeralds

There are several factors which must be taken into account when buying these magnificent stones. One of the most important things to check is the cuts and marks on the precious gem. One should look at them carefully and do a bit of research on them before buying them. Anyone buying them should always insist on certificate of authenticity while purchasing real emerald rings, necklaces, earrings or any other jeweler. It is a good idea to check and compare the prices with some of the best online jewellery stores.

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