Notable Colors of the Tourmaline

Notable Colors of the Tourmaline

Tourmalines are gemstones that are available in a laundry list of colors. It is not named the “rainbow gemstone” for nothing. According to Egyptian folklore, the tourmaline came from the center of the Earth and passed through a rainbow on its way to the Earth’s surface. When it did so, it took after all the colors of the rainbow.

The term “tourmaline” comes from the Sinhalese phrase “tura mali”. This phrase means “stone with mixed colors”, pertaining to the colors in the color spectrum that are all features in its gemstones. Tourmalines can be red, green, pink, or a mix of different colors. Tourmalines can also change their color when light comes into contact with it.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that represents love and friendship. It has also been said that no 2 tourmalines are exactly the same. Here are some notable colors of tournalines that you can buy at a stone jewellery online india .


Green tourmalines offer pastel hues that are an alternative to the emerald and peridot, but just as attractive to the eyes. Green tourmalines are clear, clean, and radiant, with appealing tints of blue. Most tourmalines that are green are highly pleochroic. Tourmalines that have two colors on opposite sides, such as green and blue, are highly valuable.


Tourmaline that is blue in color can be bought at a stone jewellery online India. Blue tourmalines can either be light, dark, or anywhere in between. This color is heavily affected by the color green, so you are certain to get a portion of green, whether it is a little or a lot. Blue in tourmalines can also range in saturation. With very little saturation, the gemstone can appear to be more grey than colorful.


Chrome tourmalines have higher saturation levels than green tourmalines. These tourmalines are cost-efficient alternatives to emeralds and tsavorites. These two gemstones can be found in sizes up to 2 carats, but the chrome tourmaline can be found in up to 5 carats. While chrome tourmalines are not all that lustrous like tsavorites, they can be just as big and detailed.

Dark Tone

Dark tone tourmalines are most common and affordable to buy in the market. They are not perceived to be very attractive. Some of theme tourmalines absorb light so severely that they can appear as black. Fitters usually fashion these stones with the table flush to the crystal’s length. Gems that are cut in this manner can show a less attractive brown or yellow hue through the crown. Gem dealers can often describe them to be an olive-green color.


Watermelon tourmalines are almost exclusively mined in Brazil and were first found in the 16th century. They are green gemstones with pink centers. Watermelon tourmalines are very rare stones, which fetch for very high prices. There is a white “rind” between the pink and green areas, and that is said to keep the energies inside the stone at a balance.

Tourmalines are found almost all across the globe. There are active tourmaline mines in Brazil, South Africa, West Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, and the United States.

In the jewel industry, individual Tourmaline colors are given their own unique names. For instance, a red tourmaline is called a “rubellite”. This rule only applies, however, if the tourmaline continues to display the same red color in daylight as it would in artificial light. If the color changes as the light source changes, then it is actually classified as a different color. In this case, the red tourmaline would instead be a pink one.

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