All You Need to Know About Ruby Gemstones

All You Need to Know About Ruby Gemstones

The popularity of gemstones in the India is not just for ornamental purposes in jewellery but also for their astrological benefits. It is believed that specific gems have specific attributes that aid the wearer or bearer with different hurdles in their lives. Ruby happens to be one of the most popular gemstones for both its beauty, and its astrological benefits.

It belongs to the corundum family – aluminium oxide. They are very durable and have vivid colour saturation. There are various kinds of rubies, and the ruby gemstone prices depict that it depends mainly on its colour. Ruby is presently one of the most expensive gemstones available.

Burmese Ruby

Historically, Burmese rubies have been considered the best quality rubies. There are two variations of Burmese rubies – new and old. New Burmese rubies usually come in dark red to pigeon blood red colours. There are many mines in Myanmar for rubies concentrated primarily in two areas – Mong-Hsu in Mandalay and Mogok in North Myanmar. The old Burmese rubies, on the other hand, are the most expensive. They usually come with blemishes that set them apart as old Burmese variation and are worth millions of dollars. However, the status of the Burmese rubies as the finest is slowly changing. Burmese rubies were made famous before lesser known places were known for having rubies – namely Africa. Madagascar rubies have gained immense popularity in recent times.

Madagascar Ruby

Madagascar rubies have been discovered most recently and are considered of very high quality. They are characterized by an orangish or pinkish tinge of red. Often it is said that these rubies do not rubies does not require heating. However, there are two types of Madagascar rubies originating from mines from two different areas. Rubies originating from Andilamena require heating and exhibit best properties after heating. On the other hand, rubies from mines of Vatomandry, do not need any heating. These rubies usually vary in colours from lemon, red and light red shades. It’s only after the Second World War that ruby deposits were found in Madagascar. In spite of being one of the newest regions discovered Madagascar rubies are of top quality and that is why they have become so popular and sought after in a considerably short span of time.

Indian Ruby

India goes back a long way in its fascination for rubies. In India pre, 20th century rubies were considered costlier than diamonds. To date, they are used for both astrological purposes and jewellery. It might explain why Indian rubies are produced in bulk. It has led to depreciation in ruby prices originating from India. This type of rubies is considered the cheaper variation. They have a dark red or brownish colour. These rubies are mainly found in Mysore and Orissa and have the cuts and colours of original rubies. The lower price of the gem often leads it to be used in silver jewellery or fashion jewellery. Even astrologers advice this as a substitute to the original gemstone to people who cannot afford the original one. In astrology, these gems are known to bring peace and harmony and protect the wearer from any injury.


There are rubies from few more areas that have gained popularity in the last few decades. Tanzanian rubies with fewer flaws are the newest discovery. The colour of these rubies reduces as the size reduces and is cheaper compared to other rubies. Vietnamese rubies became very popular in the 90s. Thailand rubies, another popular variation, are of darker shade due to the presence of iron in them. Few regions of Middle East and Greenland are said to have good quality rubies.

You can check out ruby gemstone prices to decide which variation suits your needs and budget the best. You can find a wide variety of ruby jewellery at at affordable prices.

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