What You Need to Know About the Blue Topaz

What You Need to Know About the Blue Topaz

Blue topaz has gotten more and more popular in recent years, and it is not all that difficult to see why. Topaz is originally known to be yellowish orange in color, and it can also assume the colors of red, brown, violet, pink, and light green. What determines the color of the topaz gemstone are the minerals known as chromium and iron. There is also a kind of topaz called “pure topaz”, that is either colorless or a pale blue color in appearance.

The topaz varies in price, with more valuable stones being more natural. The least valuable of topaz gemstones happen to be treated versions of the colorless topaz. One the rarest and most expensive gemstone rings online in India is the imperial topaz. Topaz can also be multicolored, and this is called a mystic topaz. Topaz becomes multi-colored when a colorless topaz receives a thin layer of titanium. While mystic topaz is rare to come by, they are not that expensive to actually buy at all.

The popular blue topaz commonly is classified into three different shades, all of which look gorgeous: Sky blue (light blue), Swiss blue, and London blue (dark blue). Either of these colors could make for beautiful gemstone rings online in India. Sky blue is a light, creamy blue that looks bright without it looking too playful or feminine. Swiss blue is a moderate blue that looks deep and immersive without looking too basic. London blue is a moderately dark blue with a slight amount of gray that looks bold and sophisticated. All of these shades are beautiful and appealing in their own unique ways.

Blue topaz is also a hard gemstone, rated 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Surprisingly, blue topaz is also budget-friendly to buy as jewelry, especially when compared to other colored stones of similar sizes. People of wide ranges of incomes are able to buy this stone without any trouble.

When selecting blue topaz jewelry, it is important to choose one that is free of inclusions and fissures. The best blue topaz is clear and transparent. Blue topaz can however split or chip if a sharp enough blow will hit against it. With that said, your ring or bracelet should have some mounting that offers a sense of protection. This is not much of a concern for necklaces or earrings.

Blue topaz also happens to be one of the birthstones of the month of December. The blue topaz also is used to commemorate married couples 4th wedding anniversary. When carried, blue topaz is also said to improve creativity, communication, and self-expression. It is also said to enhance virility among men. Whether that is true or not, many people just buy it because of how great it looks.

Cleaning topaz is not all that hard to do, either. With a soft cloth, apply warm and soapy water across the surface of the stone to keep it clean and vibrant. Then use another soft cloth to dry it off. When it comes to storing your topaz, pick a nice jewelry box that is lined with fabric. Otherwise, wrap it in a soft cloth. Either option will well avoid it getting any scratches.

If you or your partner loves the color blue (And who doesn’t?), you can consider buying a gorgeous blue topaz ring or bracelet that they can admire and stare at for days on end. If you see other gemstones that are too dark, pale, or light for your tastes, a blue topaz is usually the go-to stone in light of these concerns.

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