Morganite Gemstone

For the reason that Morganite looks peachy pink, perhaps, it is the most soothing and the most beautiful gemstone on this planet. Because of its innocence in the pink colored body, it is considered to be a symbol of love, peace, and compassion.

Morganite is a very pretty crystalline dazzling gemstone belonging to Beryl family and that might be a reason why we call it a feminine stone. Almost all the beryl is tough in nature and long lasting. Beryl can be cut down to any exquisite shape that fits into a prong of a ring and you can wear it during a special occasion or your marriage ceremony.

Hue, Shades, and Complexion

Morganite has a very brilliant vivid look that can captivate anybody’s attention. Though we all know Morganite is the famous pink variety of beryl, the Beryl forms in other colors as well such as green Emerald, Yellow Heliodor, Golden Beryl, Red Beryl, and other transparent varieties.

The shade and color of a Morganite can explain its quality. The hue ranges from pale pink to salmon color; the majority of the people prefers the transparent one with a rose tint, though.

Considering the clarity and brilliance of Morganite, It becomes pretty lustrous pink, when treated properly in heat. It is interesting that some rare Morganite shows chatoyancy effects, which is similar to that of the cat’s eyes, and the star effects too.

Cutting and Shaping

The Morganite emits impressive brightness when cutting is properly done. Cutting is one of the important factors which is responsible for the delicacy of a gem. Owing to the unique property of Morganite that it emits different colors at a different angle, it is important to cut it down precisely to bring in the most of it. Usually, we can cut Morganite to varying shapes and sizes according to the need.

Carat Weight

Generally, Morganite has developed in quite large as well as smaller ones. The larger a Morganiteis, the darker color it emits.

Origin, Creation, and Sources

The gem was named in honor of renowned gem collector J.P. Morgan. As we said above it gemstone belongs to the family of Beryl. Brazil and Madagascar are the two famous reserve of Morganite.
Uses of Morganite

• According to the mythology, because of its ability to produce a powerful aura, most of the clairvoyants use large and small size Morganite for scrying and crystal balls.
• Due to its exemplary toughness, durability and, the unparalleled beauty it is widely used as a gemstone in engagement rings.
• Morganite is also considered to be the appropriate birthstone for October 22 to November 20.

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