Learn How to Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online

Learn How to Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online

Online shopping has simplified our lives in many ways. Now we are able to purchase almost anything via E-Commerce, and it includes expensive jewellery items as well. From gold items to gemstones, the online sellers are always ready to cater to their clients’ requirements. However, purchasing gemstone jewelleries from the online stores is not an easy walk in the park. Since gemstones are very costly, therefore you cannot take the risk of spending your hard earned money on fake or low quality gemstones.

It is obvious that for a common person it can be difficult to figure out the difference between genuine and fake gemstone jewellery items. So, how to go ahead with gemstone jewellery online shopping? Well, there are some tips you can keep in mind before zeroing down your option and making the payment. Take a look below.

Tips for purchasing gemstone jewellery online

Purity in colour- Every gemstone has certain colour; ruby gemstone is bright red in colour; whereas, blue is for sapphire. Pure gemstones do not contain shades of any other colour. If a sapphire is bluish green in colour, it means the gemstone is not a pure one. Likewise, if you are purchasing ruby stone, you must make sure the colour is deep red, rather than pinkish red. In simple words, the saturation and tone are the two aspects that say a lot about the purity of the stone. Pure gemstones have higher tone and saturation, which is the reason why the colour is more defined in such cases.

Accurate photo/video- The best online stores always make sure the photos posted on their website are 100 percent accurate in terms of colour and shine. Sometimes, you might find a little difference between the actual colour and the colour shown in the photo. In order to get more idea in this regard, you should check out gemstone photography based resources, which in turn will make you more informed about the real colours. In addition, you must also make sure the online seller has provided a video of the gemstone.

Reputation- The best online stores that deal in gemstones are usually the licensed ones. So, if you want to be sure about your decision, make sure the online store has a strong and positive reputation in the market. In this matter, Charmes is one such company you can easily rely on. This online store has become one of the most preferred online destinations for purchasing gemstone jewellery in India. Reviews can also help you know a lot about the genuineness of the seller.

Price- The price of gemstones also depends on the carat factor. The aspect of carat can be quite confusing at times, particularly if you are comparing two different gemstones. In fact, if you are comparing two stones of blue sapphire having different carat value, the rules can really make you feel bewildered. So, what should be done in order to be sure about the price? Well, you can make it simple by seeking help from an expert of gemstone. There are online sites available where one can compare two different gemstones having dissimilar carat value.

Certificate of guarantee- Before making the payment, do not forget to ensure the online store offers certificate of genuineness to their customers. Plus, it is also important to be clear about the ‘return and refund policy’. In this way, you will feel relaxed even after the order has been placed.

So, follow the above mentioned gemstone jewellery online shopping tips and spend your money in the right way. Gemstone jewellery can make you look truly beautiful.

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