Festive Season ruby pendant

What jewellery will help you dazzle this festive season?

With the season of winter wonderland rapidly approaching us, it is time to think about jewellery that will make you stand out at office parties. This is a tricky situation! You have to find the right jewels, the right colour combinations and make sure you look your best. Do you choose a necklace, a ring or a set of earrings to sparkle? Because you can’t choose all three. Well, don’t worry, because here at CHARMES we are looking out for you. Here are some great ideas on the jewellery you should be wearing this festive season.


Tanzanite is the birthstone of December. So, if you are born in this month, a Tanzanite ring is a beautiful item to add to your jewellery collection. It will make you the highlight of the room at any party. It is also a stone that best represents Pantone’s colour of the year. The vibrant blue-purple tones of the stone mixed with diamonds in a ring look like a winter wonderland scene.


Red is a very popular colour during the winter festive season. This makes rubies a stunning gemstone to wear this season. But, how should you wear them?


A necklace with a discreet Ruby with a nicely cut dress is a great choice. Combined with diamonds and white gold for example, the piece of jewellery will catch the light beautifully and shine, showing off your stunning smile. A Ruby pendant is a highlight of a winter season. Bright red sine will impress guests at any party and looks amazing with most party dress, light or dark. So, if you are looking for something discreet, but impressionable, a ruby necklace is the way to go.


As with the necklace, vibrant red Ruby earrings will dazzle and impress, while still being discreet and stylish. A great example of a festive earring are these Star Shaped 1.01ct Natural Red Ruby in 18K Gold Earring. Stars are a sign of winter and of the festive season, and the South African diamonds will catch the light in a way that really shows off the rubies. While a set of earrings like these will amaze everyone at the party, they won’t be the key focus of any look, just a great addition!


The green colours of Emeralds in any jewellery will be a great compliment to any winter outfit!


A darker green Emerald ring could work in great combination with a ruby necklace. Bringing together the green and red colours of the festivities. Make sure both pieces of jewellery are discreet, you don’t want them competing for attention. You want them to compliment each other in a way that shines. You want diamonds on the ring, because they catch the light. But, if you are combining this ring with another piece of jewellery, make sure you get the balance of diamonds right. You wouldn’t want one shinning brighter than the other, or both being lost.

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