Glass filled Rubies Trade Alert needed

Glass Filled Ruby Treatment ! BEWARE

Glass filled Ruby Buying a gemstone, especially one as beautiful and expensive as a ruby. Can be an amazing yet expensive experience for someone who is doing for the very first time. Although diamond rings are more popular as an engagement rings. Many people prefer using ruby as gemstone on the engagement rings. The reason […]

Maharani Jewellery painting

Royal Ruby – India’s Love Affairs with Fine Jewellery

Ruby in ancient India was known as Rajratan – the king of jewels. The alluring colour of rubies made people in ancient India believe that it was a source of life and power. Many kings encrusted their weapons with rubies to carry the power of the stone with them to the battle grounds. But red […]


2017 Bollywood Diva’s Jewellery Style

Bollywood 2017 Bollywood diva’s Jewellery Style have always been a source of inspiration for us in many ways. Everything from their haircut to the clothes and accessories they wear is closely noticed and quickly added to our style books so that we could look equally attractive. When it comes to jewellery, every celebrity has their […]