5 Types of Gemstones And Their Astrological Importance

Gemstones and jewellery have been popular in India since time immemorial. After all, Indian women and even men have a soft corner for stone studded jewellery items. When we talk about gemstones, they have different significance and importance in India. A lot of people in India purchase Indian store jewellery for astrological reasons. So, before […]

Learn How to Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online

Online shopping has simplified our lives in many ways. Now we are able to purchase almost anything via E-Commerce, and it includes expensive jewellery items as well. From gold items to gemstones, the online sellers are always ready to cater to their clients’ requirements. However, purchasing gemstone jewelleries from the online stores is not an […]

5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Gemstone Jewellery From An Online Store

The beauty of gemstones is simply eternal. Once you buy a gemstone, you can rest assured that it will not lose its value even in the distant future. People buy gemstones for mainly two reasons; either for astrological reasons or for beauty purpose. Gemstone studded jewellery items like kundan, jadau, and navratna are some of […]

Festive Season ruby pendant


Today when people are buying precious stones that have been set in their jewelry of choice, they are looking for it to accompany a Certificate of Authenticity. These certificates matter because it informs the buyer that their stone has been scientifically measured and evaluated for certain characteristics. The precious stones are examined with high-powered microscopes […]