How To Identify and Buy Gemstones?

Gemstones occur in various forms which include various sizes, shapes, and colors. The earth produces a variety of stones that are classified as gemstones. These include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds which are part of a higher cadre of gemstones. A lower cadre of gemstones includes Chrysoprase, chalcedony, and moonstone. This is worth noting when you […]

Why Have Sapphires Become Best Suited for Engagement Rings?

Humans since the dawn of time have found ingenious ways to use stones. We have used them to create beautiful stone carvings and to erect housing structures. More valuable and rare stones have however been used as symbols of success, class, and riches. Precious stones such as gemstones have been inculcated into various traditions and […]

Fascinating Gemstones That Are Found In Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka is among the most gem-mined countries, along with India, Thailand, and South Africa. While Sri Lanka is known for high quality rubies and sapphires, collectors can also happen to find garnets, tourmalines, corundums, spinels, and chrysoberyls, which are five different groups of gemstones in which some of the more familiar […]