The Interesting Powers Of A Cat’s Eye Gem

The Interesting Powers Of A Cat’s Eye Gem

Cat’s Eye gemstones are quite unusual, yet so intriguing to look at. They have an interesting shine to them that very few other gemstones have. Cay’s eye gemstones are a mixture of yellow, green, brown, and white in color.

The cat’s eye has what is called a “chatoyant”; it is the bright band of light coming from one side of the gemstone. When moving the gemstone at an angle, the band gives off the illusion of it opening and closing, similar to a cat’s eye. Why cat’s eye gemstones have these chatoyant bands is because of a series of inclusions that are aligned in a parallel fashion, causing light to reflect strongly on one side of the gemstone.

Your semi precious stone jewellery online shopping can be less than desirable if you are looking for other gemstone with similar effects as the cat’s eye. While there are other gemstones and minerals with chatoyant bands, they are less pronounced and appear less frequently. These include aquamarines, quartzes, apatites (greenish blue), tourmalines (pink and green), enstatites (light brown), sillimanite (white), scapolites (yellow), and chrome-diopsides (green).

This gemstone has an 8.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, making it suitable for all kinds of jewelry. In comparison, the diamond is a 10 out of 10, making cat’s eyes fairly close in hardness.

In Hindu astrology, the cat’s eye chrysoberyl is the stone of planet Ketu. These gemstones are said to possess incredible energies and abilities that take effect rather quickly to those who wear it.

Cat’s eye is a favored gemstone to people that love to gamble or participate in games based on luck. The cat’s eye is said to help people prevail in luck-based activities, and will guarantee winning of money or other assets. This stone is guaranteed to rid the wearer of any kind of fears and doubts that prevent him or her from making bold decisions. This is a gemstone ideal for people who love taking risks and seeking thrills.

And quite ironically, cat’s eye gemstones help a person return wealth or money that had been lost. It is the gemstone of choice for people who try to rebuild a closed business of theirs.

Cat’s eye is said to relieve people of stress, nervousness and anxiety. In place of these negative feelings, people wearing the gemstone will be more alert, aware, and will develop a better sense of remembering. Cat’s eye gemstones will ease the pain of people who deal with the hard lessons in life. The stone helps people in getting over hardships and troubling times.

These gemstones can also help accelerate the restoration of parts of the physical body that have been altered by negative conditions such as disease, depression, and bad habits. Cat’s eye is even said to be a contributor in the healing and survival of cancer.

For anorexic people, cat’s eye gemstones are capable of developing an appetite and the desire to eat. Consider a cat’s eye when semi precious stone jewellery online shopping if you want the urge to practice a more plentiful diet.

Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is said to provide psychic protection and negate the effects of the “evil eye”. In many foreign countries, the evil eye is said to be a curse that one person can freely give to another with a mean stare. Recipients of this evil eye are known to later get injury or misfortune. Cat’s eye brings protection against the evil eye, as stated previously.

Cat’s eye gemstones are commonly mined in the United States, Russia, India, China, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Rhodesia.

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