How To Identify and Buy Gemstones?

How To Identify and Buy Gemstones?

Gemstones occur in various forms which include various sizes, shapes, and colors. The earth produces a variety of stones that are classified as gemstones. These include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds which are part of a higher cadre of gemstones. A lower cadre of gemstones includes Chrysoprase, chalcedony, and moonstone. This is worth noting when you go for semi precious stone jewellery online shopping. These gemstones only speak of nature’s ability to produce splendor in so many shapes and sizes. When studying various stones it is important to figure out what classifies as a gemstone and what doesn’t.

To be classified as a gemstone, a stone must be made up of naturally occurring material and must stand out in terms of beauty, durability, rarity, and value in comparison to other naturally occurring stones. Diverse naturally occurring minerals such as coral, sapphire, and opal are also considered to be gemstones since they are also quite high on the value scale. You can find gemstones in a variety of shapes, cuts, and styles crafted by various lapidary artists. Other than the traditional look of gemstones which features round, oval, emerald, pear, and marquise shapes there are also colored gemstones and other fancy cuts that create amazing beauty and fit into countless looks.

Gemstones come in a diversity of colors which include a range of all the colors you can think of. This makes them more beautiful to look at and also more valuable. When it comes to gemstone colors you should consider the following factors.

The Hue

Hue refers to basic colors such as red, blue and green and can also include other colors such as violet, blue and red. Some considered are highly valued when they occur in a true hue while other are considered most desirable in a bluish and green color.

The Saturation

Saturation is the color intensity as seen by the naked eye. A single drop of blue solution into a glass of clear water may only cause a slight bluish and almost unnoticeable shade of blue, but the more drops you add will cause the water to eventually turn blue. Therefore the more saturated a colored gemstone is the more valuable it becomes in the market.

Tone Of the Color

The tone is the lightness or darkness of the stone’s color. The more color intensive a stone, the more valuable it becomes.

Gemstones are valued based on their rarity, clarity, color, and cut. Clarity and cut usually affect the quality of a stone. Rarity which is among the most important value factors refers to how readily the mineral is found around the world. You do not have to go with trends to select the best stone to buy. Whether you prefer the elegance of an emerald or the allure of a ruby, you should pick one that is best for you.

It is important to purchase your stones from a reputable dealer to avoid being swindled. In the gemstone business, it is easy to get shortchanged so it is vital to be vigilant when you go semi precious stone jewellery online shopping. If you cannot single out a reputable jeweller, seek references from a friend and look out for proper certifications.

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