A Guide to Shopping for Real Emerald Rings Online

A Guide to Shopping for Real Emerald Rings Online

The richness and brilliance of emeralds make them the perfect stone for a ring. These gems bring an elegance, charm, and style that are fit for the classic and royal personalities.

The journey to finding a real emerald ring from an online jeweler or store near you calls for a keen eye for detail. Similar to any other gemstone, there are distinct qualities that tell a genuine emerald from a fake or cheap one. In general, emeralds are green gems and can have faint bluish or yellowish hues which should be very minimal.

Before you decide to buy real emerald rings having information on the color intensity to expect will be a big plus. The saturation of color in a gemstone has always been the underlying determinant of its worth, unlike darkness which is mostly a personal choice. Valuable emeralds tend to have a strong green color that is consistent in intensity even when zoomed under a magnifying glass.

Over the internet, it can be hard to have the chance to physically examine an emerald ring under strong magnification to prove its worth. The only guarantee you have is to check the certification of the jeweler. Reputed online jewel sellers must have a genuine certification from an independent lab that proves all the products sold by the team are natural and of quality. Any e-commerce store that is not certified for authenticity is a big no and should be avoided from the very start as most of the sales are imitations and low-quality stones which have no value.

Once you have the assurance of the genuineness of the jeweler the next proof of quality is in the grading of the gemstones. Emeralds, in particular, are graded based on two factors their cut and clarity. An emerald ring that has an emerald of round cut is usually one of the best varieties you can ever find in the market. Clarity is a direct reflection of the stones purity with a higher grading translating to lesser flaws and impurities. Emeralds can be as small as one square mm but hold so much value because of the cut and clarity making it more expensive than a larger piece of lower quality. Inquiries on the origin of the gemstones and comparison on the price differences will also provide you with solid ground on the selection to make.

The value of real emerald rings is in the maintenance of their natural characteristics. Most jewelers treat emeralds to give them a better shine and appeal which is what every shopper is always after. While treated gemstones will appear to be of more value during the selection period after some time, they tend to lose their shine. Untreated emeralds which are simply cut to shape and sold without undergoing any subsequent processes offer actual value for money. Always settle for jewelers who strictly use natural gemstones without any form of treatment. In the end, finding a genuine jewel manufacturer who will ensure that not only the emerald but also the material used for the ring is of the highest quality is the solution to a fulfilling shopping experience.

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