Garnet Gemstones

There is nothing more fascinating thing in this world than gemstones. Today, these gemstones and jewelry are considered to be icing on the cake of the personality of not only women but also men.
One such gemstone is known as garnet. We share a long history with this type of gemstone. In the primitive age, it was used for adorning the beauty of an elite person as well as a medal for a warrior, today, we use it to put the finishing touch to any decorative.

In the scientific term, the gemstone garnet is a mixture of numerous minerals. There are a variety of colors in terms of garnet but the red garnet has gained momentum the most.

Owing to the lesser availability of the red garnet across the world, it is quite expensive and considered to be a rare piece of nature’s art.

Color and hue

It is a transparent to translucent material which can be found in different colors like Yellow, Green, Red, Orange Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, and Black. However, the red one is the reason behind its fame. The red garnet may confuse you with the fine quality Ruby.

Another interesting fact about garnets is that it sometimes displays asterism which means it emits an incredible four-rayed star. A form of garnet known as color-changing is very alluring. It changes the color according to the different environment and angles.

Origin and sources

Basically these types of minerals commonly occur in the metamorphic rocks like schist and amphibolite; Usually, countries like USA, Russia, Kenya, Turkey, and Tanzania have been famous for the supply of garnets, but we find it all over the world. It is easier to find an ordinary garnet anywhere, but for the rare ones, it is like a flash in the pan.

Uses of garnet

The reason behind the popularity of garnet is not just its usage in ornaments, but its multifarious uses. In fact, we have been using them for thousands of years. Some of them are:

• Abrasive: garnet is very useful when adopted as an abrasive. Due to the chemical structure of garnet, it has become very hard substance. Garnet is also crushed into the form of fine particles and put it into use.
• Water jet cutting: Cutting of a metal or any hard substance can be very difficult task, thanks to the incredible hard property of garnets; they are used in water jet to cut any hard substance at low temperature.
• Filtration: granules of garnets can be employed to filter any liquid. The fine pores of garnet allow the passage of a liquid but become a hurdle when any other impurity comes its way.
• Gemstones: It is the most important usage of garnet. Besides its laminating captivating look, this gemstone is named as the birthstone for January.

Some well-known garnet minerals

There are numerous minerals which are metamorphosed to form garnet. Some of the common species are Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossular, Uvarovite. All of these garnets show an impressive hardness of 6.5-7.5 in MohsScale. Some of them also carry the secret of magical medicinal power that only a few people know.

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