Five Rings (That Aren’t Diamond) You Can Use To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Five Rings (That Aren’t Diamond) You Can Use To Propose To Your Girlfriend

In order to buy a diamond engagement ring, men have to put aside three months of their salary in order to afford one and this likely confirms that the ring is supposed to be a huge expense. When you are asking a woman for their hand in marriage, you would like them to know that you are serious about your relationship with her.

However, not every woman is thrilled to receive a diamond, truth be told. Some women prefer to have a ring that has some color to it, or contains a gemstone that is more near and dear to her. Other women simply don’t want their boyfriends to spend a lot of cash, and rather get a ring that is less expensive and boastful. Most men will know what sort of women that they plan to be with forever, so if you know that she’s not at all into diamonds, there are many other gemstones from stone jewelry online India that you can pick instead. Here are five alternatives to using diamonds in engagement rings.

1. Pink Tourmaline

Of the five on this list, this is the most affordable to buy. The deep fuchsia color is fairly easy to recognize, as it does not reflect as much light as the ruby does. While tourmalines are cut with the facet perpendicular to the prism’s axis, it shows an unusual loss of transparency. While pink tourmalines are beautiful and brilliant, they are duller compared to similar gems. If your girl is a big fan of fuchsia or dark pink, feel confident with a pink tourmaline ring. Tourmalines are also available in white, black, blue, green, and brown varieties.

2. Spinel

Spinel is often mistaken for ruby; they have bright, deep shades of red, but they can also appear softer in color, such as burnt orange, brick red, or pink red. Spinels are commonly known as Balas Rubies, as they are commonly found in the Balascia region of Afghanistan. Spinel gemstones are not nearly as expensive as rubies, so consider getting a spinel ring for your girlfriend for economical reasons. She may not even be able to know the difference.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst gemstones are the most regarded of the quartz family gemstones. It can often be confused with Beryl. Amethyst stones can range from a dark purple to a lighter violet, meaning that if your girlfriend has a favorite color of purple, there will be a ring for her. Browse for stone jewelry online India for radiant Amethyst rings.

4. Sapphire

Sapphires can come in many different colors, even red like the ruby, but we all can recognize a blue sapphire for its quality luster. Sapphires can also be strong, but not too bright in color. Other versions of blue sapphires are pale blue, light blue, violet-blue, and dark blue, which you can only tell from a distance. Blue is the most popular color, so chances are, your girlfriend will cherish a beautiful sapphire engagement ring.

5. Ruby

The red ruby is the second hardest and most valuable gemstone behind the diamond. Rubies are set apart from other red gemstones by their obvious visible characteristics. They shine brightly in strong light, they give off a “silk effect”, where light occupies small, dark cracks by examining it up close, and they offer a luster that even bests that of a sapphire gem. Ruby rings are a great alternative to diamond rings, and if you still feel like spending a significant amount of money for your girlfriend, she will fall in love with a gemstone that is bright and red like a ruby.

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