Spring 2019 Fashion Rings

Fashion trends to look out for in Spring 2019

The fashion trends for Spring 2019 are coming quick and will soon be upon us, so it is important to look our best. And that means getting the jewelry right. Whilst diamonds are always in fashion, the shapes and sizes of the jewelry or the stone is always changing. Ring fashion is changing as are necklaces. Something you can always relay on are earrings, but it is important to get them right. Not any old cut will suffice, it has the be the right shape and the right size for the fashion trends of Spring 2019.

Ring fashion trends for Spring 2019

When rings are brought up in relation to fashion trends for Spring 2019, you may get conflicting views. Some may say that you need to keep it simple, with a small natural gemstone, like a beautiful ruby collection in a white gold ring. Other will tell you to go for a large rectangular shapes stone, like a natural green emerald, surrounded by diamonds. Whichever option you choose to listen to, one thing is for sure, they both agree that grouping is the best option. Where large rings in pairs, or on every finger. Wear smaller ones as doubles or triples on the same finger. The grouping of rings is important. Some suggest you wear them over gloves to really show of a creative spark. Because, above all, creativity will be a fashion trend for Spring 2019.

Precious stones worn around the neck

There is an attitude of pushing cheap and boring jewelry to the back of a dusty shelve and leaving it there for Spring 2019. You need to make sure those stones really shine. Femininity and standing out are also key when looking for natural gemstones in a necklace. A marvellous chandelier style Tanzanite necklace would not look out of place with any outfit and will make you the envy of any party you attend.

Natural gemstone earrings for Spring 2019

Earrings are an attractive piece of jewelry that is never out of fashion. One thing that changes are the shape and size. So, if you like larger stand-out earrings, you will be on top of your fashion trends for Spring 2019. Because they are coming back! When looking for new large earrings, keep an eye out for geometrical shapes such as spirals, rhombuses and squares. Natural blue Tanzanite, cut into large squares, perched under smaller round cut stones surrounded by diamonds, looks amazing with any outfit, and blue is also a fashionable colour for 2019.

Look your best this Spring

So, the fashion trends for Spring 2019 are in full swing, now it is up to you to choose the right jewelry. Remember that big is better, but that cheap and boring gets you nowhere. Show your creativity and go all out. Big earrings, sparkling necklaces and collections of rings, those are the pieces that will make you stand out in Spring 2019.

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