Fascinating Gemstones That Are Found In Sri Lanka

Fascinating Gemstones That Are Found In Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka is among the most gem-mined countries, along with India, Thailand, and South Africa. While Sri Lanka is known for high quality rubies and sapphires, collectors can also happen to find garnets, tourmalines, corundums, spinels, and chrysoberyls, which are five different groups of gemstones in which some of the more familiar types of stones belong. Sri Lanka has been mining gemstones for the past 3000 years, and is home to some of the most amazing versions of rubies and other amazing jewels.

Corundums are known for their wide varieties and rarities. Geudas, rubies, and sapphires are included in the corundum family. Check ruby stone ring prices to determine if the ruby has come from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is known for a unique oxide of aluminum complexity that gives rubies a one of a kind shade of red. This country is also known for having beautiful blues, pinks, oranges, and aquamarines.

The blue sapphire, however, is Sri Lanka’s most prized gemstone, and it has the finest of blue sapphires in all of the world. Sri Lankan sapphires are highly priced, and are second only to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness. The world’s heaviest sapphire has also come from Sri Lanka, weighing a record 42 pounds.

Yellow Sapphires are exclusively only to Sri Lanka. Yellow sapphires range in between yellow to pinking orange, and are most commonly found in the Balangoda region.

While star sapphires are the same color as normal sapphires, it’s outside appearance depends greatly on the asterism from certain materials found in the earth. These stones that are roughly cut show off a reflection of either 6 or 12 rays that form a star. Star sapphires in Sri Lanka can either be blue, pink, purple, or gray in color.

While sapphires have always been the favorite of Sri Lankan collectors, the Embilipitiya and Udawalawe regions have once longly coveted rubies known as pigeon blood rubies. Most rubies found in Sri Lanka are pinkish red with a hint of purple. When you look at ruby stone ring prices, you can examine whether or not the ruby is from Sri Lanka from its purplish tint.

Garnets are gemstones that come in almost any color in Sri Lanka except for blue. While garnet is made of one of the most common silicates, only a small percentage of garnets in the country is of a valuable quality. The types of garnets found in Sri Lanka include spessartite, which as yellow and brown, grossularite, with shades of pink to a reddish brown, almandite, which has various shades of red, and rhodolite, which has various shades of purple.

Spinels, like garnets, are also fairly common and not as valuable of all the gemstones found in Sri Lanka. They also come in a variety of different colors. Among the spinels are the tourmalines, which is a gemstone that is demi-precious and found in fair abundance. Sri Lanka’s tourmalines are notable for showing off 2 different colors at once, as you would be able to see colors of purple, red, and/or brown.

Chrysoberyl is the 3rd hardest gemstone that is found in Sri Lanka. Among the chrysoberyl include zircon, which is a clear less gemstone that is used as a diamond simulant, alexandrite, agem with yellow, green, and blue shades, and cat’s eye, which is the most coveted chrysoberyl in the country. Cat’s eye’s quality in Sri Lanka ranges from mediocre to masterful, and the best quality of this gem has a fine chatoyancy that will open and close when you look at it from different angles.

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