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Facts and Curiosities about the Ruby

There are four precious gemstones: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. This article will look at some of the more curious and fun facts about the latter gem. A few things you need to know about the stone before we start. It is the second hardest of the four, behind diamonds, with a hardness of 9. It is made of Corundum, which is the same as sapphires. However, rubies only have the red corundum, whilst sapphires took all the other colours. Finally, Thailand is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to mining and producing the gemstone, but Sri Lanka, Madagascar and India are also in the race.

Rubies and Hindu Folklore

Rubies are considered as “The King of Precious Stones” in Hinduism. And is regarded to be more valuable than any other gemstone. The Kalpa tree, as described in the Mani Mala, is a tree of the Gods, and is made completely from precious stones, such as diamonds and sapphires. However, what is special about The Kapla Tree, is that the fruit it bore was said to be rubies. This is what gave the stone such a high status.

Also, it is believed that if someone is to gift a ruby at a temple, as an offering to the Gods, they will be reborn as a king. The size of the ruby also dictates how much power they will have when they return. Larger stones can return you an emperor, whereas smaller ones mean you will return as a king or queen.

You can’t hide a Ruby

Rubies have an inner light. The glow a ruby emits reminds the looker of an inner fire burning within the stone. This fire has been said that, if you were to drop the stone in water, the water would boil. But there is more to this inner flame. You can’t hide a ruby because of it. People believe that this inner light can shine so bright, it would shine through wrapping trying to hide it. So if you plan to gift a ruby, make sure you use thick paper! One has even been described as “shining like a torch”, because the stone was emitting its own light to reveal where it was hidden.

The desired Pigeon Blood

The most desired ruby is known as “Pigeon Blood”. This refers to only the finest of rubies, which have a deep red colour with blue-ish hints. The blue adds depth to the red. The origin of the nickname has two very logical back stories. The first story is that the colour of the gem is the same as the first two drops of blood from a dead pigeon. The second story, is that the colour also matches the colour of the centre of a pigeon’s eye. Whichever story you believe, these are the most valuable rubies. Large sized stones can sell for more than 120,000 dollars per carat. Which is more expensive than diamonds of similar sizes!

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