Everything about Ruby Gemstones

In present times, where everything is so readily available, showing someone that you genuinely care about with gifts becomes very difficult. This is one reason why people often think about unique things to gift to their loved ones. One gift which of late has captured the imagination of almost every woman is jewellery made up of ruby.

This gemstone has become extremely popular for a variety of reasons. One straightforward reason for its popularity is of course. In this article, various aspects about this gem will be discussed. The reason for its popularity and the other vital things like ruby gemstone price in India and things to notice while buying it will give you a rough idea of what to expect when you reach the showroom to buy it.

Everything about Ruby Gemstones

Reasons behind its Popularity

Trend: One of the most significant reasons apart from its beauty why people are getting inclined onwards this gem is because many celebrities have spotted jewellery made up of ruby in the recent past. It has made it into a huge trend. The exclusivity related to ruby is another crucial reason for its high demand.

Colour: People have always been drawn towards the colour red. This colour is often very closely associated with love. Hence this has become the ideal gemstone to gift to someone you love.

Uniqueness: Earlier diamond was the most sought-after gemstone, however of late people are more inclined towards coloured gems as they are unique and rare to find. Hence, there is a higher demand for these stones now, which has to lead to its increase in its craze.

Long lasting: Rubies are very sturdy gemstones which do not get affected easily by the daily wear and tear. This attribute of this stone allows ruby jewellery to be worn on a day to day basis. It is a huge benefit for most people as it can regularly be worn without it losing its glamour.

Things to Know When Buying Ruby

Rubies can be extremely expensive. It is an investment in the real sense. It is therefore imperative to be very careful while buying jewellery made up of this gem. The following are some tips to buy high-quality ruby stones.

Hue: When purchasing ruby the shade on it is an excellent indicator of its quality. The one thing that you should check while buying it is that the primary hue on the stone should always be red. At times some stones exhibit orange and violet hues too. Those gems are best avoided if you want to buy the excellent quality ruby.

Tone: The tone of the gem also can act as a guide. The quality of the gemstone depends on the darkness of the colour of the ruby. While buying rubies, you should be careful of not buying stones which are too dark or too light. Finding the balance in its darkness is the real test of a person who knows how to choose a good ruby stone.

Saturation: The hue of the stone should have high saturation. You should always try to buy gems with intense hue. However, it is worth knowing that more the intensity the higher the price of the gemstones.

Rubies are incredibly precious and make for excellent gifts to your loved ones. However, they are quite expensive, with the current ruby gemstone price in India standing at Rs 450 to 2 Lakhs/karat and above. It is why you should only buy them from reliable stores. One of the trusted online stores is the Charmes, who have a wide range as well as high-quality ruby jewellery.

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