Emerald Earrings for Elegance and Class

Emerald Earrings for Elegance and Class

Emeralds have a rich history that has been marked with positivity and enlightenment. To complete your jewellery collection, emerald earrings go a long way in adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

There is always something enchanting about emeralds that make them outstanding regardless of how they are worn. Some jewellers have gone ahead to suggest that the appeal could be because of its green colour which for all its worth is a reflection of nature’s magic. A simple glance at a quality emerald piece and all you want is to own the peace just to continue having a look at it. In general, there is never enough when it comes to owning one of these magnificent gemstones.

It is not just in modern times that the demand for emeralds have soared, but since the ancient times these pieces had great importance in several societies globally. First, they are considered the birthstone of May babies and are a perfect gift when celebrating a birthday. They are also known to signify hope, prosperity, and love which are a reflection of what you would want to give to a loved one. In the books of history, one of the most memorable uses of emeralds was Queen Victoria’s tiara that has a total of 19 pear-shaped emeralds.

The gem of the Royals can now be purchased as emerald earrings in India to give you a priceless look any time you have them on. Unlike diamonds which are graded under high magnification for detailed analysis on their qualities, emeralds are examined with the naked eye. This translates to a higher guarantee of quality as the vibrant shade of their colour is the primary determinant of their value. The unique colour that emeralds have is due to the presence of chromium, vanadium, and iron which determines the shade. A primary factor for consideration as you shop for these gemstones is the distribution of colour which should be even and free of any dark or light patches.

One of the commonly exaggerated facts about emeralds is their fragility which has been a cause for lots of misinterpretation. The industry’s standardised Moh’s scale places the hardness of the gemstone at 7.5 which is by all standards not fragile. Emerald earrings can be worn as frequent as any other jewellery without having to worry about the perceived ‘softness’ which is far from the truth. As with any other jewellery with a little care and lack of exposure to harsh conditions, nothing will come between you and your goals for looking like a queen each day.

The best emerald earrings in India are set in yellow gold to provide a delicate balance of collars which makes each piece outstanding. Designers have the gemstones cut in different shapes giving each earring a unique style that will instantly turn eyes wherever you go. Emeralds are fashion statements that never run out relevance and no matter the occasion you can always have a pair of these nature’s gifts. Emerald Earrings in India have different price mark-ups which are determined by the value of the gemstones used in the productions and the details of each craft.

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