Queen Victoria's sapphires

Curiosities about Sapphires and other stories

You have seen the rising popularity of sapphires in other blog posts about the stone. This is why, here we are going to look at some curiosities and stories related to the gemstone. They are making a comeback as an engagement ring, but where did that fame initially come from? We will find out in this article. I will also share some mythological stories and how the world famous Star of India got stolen.

A past filled with royalty

One of the most famous sapphires that can be related to royalty is the engagement ring that Prince Charles gifted to Princess Diana on the eve of their Nuptial. The ring has since been passed on to Princess Catherine. In this case the gem was a Ceylon Sapphire. The name Ceylon was the name of what today we call Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is famous for its sapphires, said to be home of the blue sapphire. It was also nicknamed Rathnadweepa, which translates as Gem Island in the national tongue.

Another case of the beautiful stone being related to royalty is linked to Queen Victoria. Albert gifted her a brooch on the eve of their Nuptial in 1840. The gem now belongs to part of the Crown of the Queen. While those are the two most famous connections of sapphires with royalty, there are more. It is said that kings as far back as 2 AD wore sapphires. They wore them around their neck to protect them from danger and harm.

Sapphires and India, mythology and stories

It would not be an unusual thought to associate sapphires with India. Especially if you think about where the stone originates from predominantly. The most beautiful mythological tale is about the Kalpvriksha or “World Tree”. A wish fulfilling tree full of passionate tales that relate to Hinduism. The first mention of the tree is in the Vedic Scriptures. What makes this legend worthy of being here is what the tree was made from. It has been said the fruit of the tree were Rubies, the trunk was made of Diamonds. However, the roots were made from gold and Sapphires. Different versions vary slightly of how the tree is made, but they all include gemstones. India is also part of the world’s most famous sapphire.

Without doubt, the most notorious gemstone of this type is the Star of India, a 563 carat Star Sapphire. Found in Sri Lanka and the biggest in the world, it is unusual for more than its size. It has stars on either side of the stone. It is said the gem is cursed. In 1964, the precious stone was stolen amongst others by Jack ‘Murph the Surf’ Murphy. Jack and his gang had unlocked a window in the bathroom during the day which they used to climb in during the night. The Star of India was the only one alarmed, but the alarm had run out of batteries! The gem was found two days later, and Jack arrested.

A rich history is worth gifting

What you can clearly see from this short article is that the sapphire is a stone full of history and character. This is what makes it such a great gift and why it is making a comeback as an engagement ring. So treat your love one to sapphire when you want to ask the question.

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