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Glass Filled Ruby Treatment ! BEWARE

Glass filled Ruby

Buying a gemstone, especially one as beautiful and expensive as a ruby. Can be an amazing yet expensive experience for someone who is doing for the very first time. Although diamond rings are more popular as an engagement rings. Many people prefer using ruby as gemstone on the engagement rings.

The reason why gemstones are used as a symbol of bond making, love and loyalty is because of the originality, purity and strength of gemstones. The gemstone represents how pure, natural and strong your love is. But with glass filled ruby being sold at most gem stores, you might unknowingly purchase a manufactured, impure and weak glass filled ruby.

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How to spot the difference?

Look for smoky Effect in the Ruby. By far the easiest method to identify this.

Ask for Certificate for your jewellery. not any normal labs but well known ones like SGL, GIA, GRS, AIGS, GIL

Glass Filled Ruby Treatment ! BEWARE
Glass filled ruby and natural Ruby comparison
Closer look at Glassed Filled Ruby Smoky Fillings
Closer look at Glassed Filled Ruby Smoky Fillings

Why is buying a glass filled Ruby a bad idea?

A lead glass filled ruby might seem larger and shinier in appearance as it has been treated to look transparent but, it lacks all the basic characteristics of an authentic ruby gemstone. As compared to other treated rubies such as heated rubies, a glass filled ruby loses all its original characteristics.

They also cannot even be considered as a ruby any more, it is merely a combination of lead-glass and natural corundum.

How do they look without treatment?

In original form, ruby is dull, opaque stone but after being treated with acid and infused with lead-glass it becomes this shiny, red transparent glass filled ruby. For an average buyer, who thinks the shiner a ruby. The more authentic it is, the glass filled ruby is more attractive an they end up paying a lot of money for something that is not even a ruby anymore.

Untreated Cheap Quality Ruby for Glass Filling Treatment
Untreated Cheap Quality Ruby for Glass Filling Treatment

Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America conducted a series of experiments and researches on rubies and the different kind of treated rubies. Included the new glass filled ruby and found that as compared to other rubies on sale in the market, the glass filled ruby was extremely vulnerable to corrosion, lacked all the basic characteristics of a ruby, and was being sold for a lot more money it is worth. Just to compare how much money is being spooned off unsuspecting customers. An authentic untreated ruby which is extremely rare is worth $10,000 per carat. Whereas a ruby undergone heating treatment can cost up to $5000 dollars per carat.

The actual price of these glass filled ruby is $1 dollar per carat. It is being sold off as an actual ruby at much higher prices.

So instead wasting your money on cheap knockoffs like a glass filled ruby. They can easily be damaged by any solvent even the bleach and washing detergents commonly used in households. The main beauty and charm of a gemstone is its durability and strength. Everything that glitters isn’t gold, and similarly everything that sparkles isn’t a ruby.

How to avoid buying a cheap glass-filled ruby?

It is understandable that for an inexperienced eye of a new gemstone buyer. It is hard to differentiate between an actual ruby and a glass filled ruby. But here are couple of things you can look out for which will help you in identifying a fake cheap stone that is being sold off as a ruby after being filled with lead glass:

  • Gas bubbles: Gas bubbles are biggest and the most obvious giveaways. If you inspect the glass-filled ruby you will find flat or circular gas bubbles which is a clear indication that the stone is not natural but a manufactured cheap copy.
  • Color disparity: When put under black light, you can notice orange and blue flashes in manufactured cheap glass-filled rubies.

If you notice any of the above two characteristics in the “ruby” that is being sold to you. You should realize that you are being sold a fake, cheap, manufactured ruby that won’t last long. So, stay vigilant and spend your money carefully on actual gemstones that are worth buying and even have a great resale value.

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