Best ways to express your feelings to the one you love

Ruby gemstone rings are very popular among royalty and couples

Lucky are those, it is said who find true love in this world and luckier are those who get to spend their life with the one they love. But for every love story that ends in happiness, there are many others that don’t. Sometimes the reason for this may be something as simple as not being able to express ones feelings to the other person properly or in a convincing manner that shows how serious they are about the relationship. To express your love, one can use many different ways like gifting flowers and chocolates or even presenting a ruby gemstone ring which is the symbol of love world over. Some of the things you should keep in mind while expressing your feelings to your prospective life partner are.

The perfect venue

The place you decide to express your love is a very important decision, as it helps set the mood for the moment. Beaches, retreats and hill stations offer the perfect solitude and ambience, while a candle light dinner in a beautifully themed restaurant will help build up the excitement and setting for the evening. The perfect venue also helps people relax making them understand things with an open and positive mind, which is definitely a good thing when considering a marriage proposal. Just make sure that its just the two of you there and no one else to invade your privacy or disturb you while you are discussing your future plans together.

Be Creative

Gone are the days when a simple on your knees with a rose in hand idea worked when proposing to the one you love. Today, the trend is to be creative and innovative in your proposal with the more different the idea is from other’s, the better it is. The latest trend is to express ones feelings by making a video and sending it across using video sharing and social networking websites. So get your thinking hat on and present your love in the most creative way you can, as it could be the deciding factor if they are not sure about spending their life with you.

Get a Ring

Presenting a ring is one of the oldest traditions and ways of expressing your feelings for the one you love. Exchanging rings is seen as a symbol of lifetime commitment and love, so make sure you are ready with one when you ask the question and the answer is yes. It also shows you have given the relationship a serious thought and have prepared for it, by taking the time and effort to make a ring for the occasion. Just make sure it is the right fit, by making an effort to find their finger size to avoid last minute embarrassments of the ring being too tight or loose, which may reflect badly on you.

Be prepared for all sorts of questions

What you are suggesting to your future partner is the thought of spending his or her whole life with you, so definitely he or she are going to have a lot of questions in mind. Right from questions, like when they started thinking about it to questions about how you will manage a family. No matter what the question, you have to make an effort to answer it truthfully and the best of your ability as it will help your partner decide if they want to spend their life with you. If possible, do rehearse how you will answer the probable questions they may ask you, so that you don’t give an incorrect reply or what they don’t want to hear.

Love happens, but you need to work on it so that it results into a long term relationship. Just make sure you are ready for that moment with a ruby gemstone ring the symbol of love when you decide to formalise the relationship with the one you love. The writer of this article suggests Charmes Jewellery if you want to buy a good quality and genuine ring for your future partner.

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