Amethyst is a very popular kind of gemstone used in making jewelry. It has a violet color, which makes it adorable. The gemstone is a more of quartz, and its glowy nature makes it the perfect choice for jewelry. The gemstone originates from ancient Greece, and it has so much ancient stories and beliefs about it. One of such beliefs is that the gemstone is capable of protecting anyone that wears it from drunkenness. This is why you will see Amethyst decorating the drinking vessels used by people of ancient Greece since they believe this practice will not allow them to get drunk.


The name of the gemstone is translated to “Not Drunken.” In Tibet, the gemstone is regarded as a sacred item to the Buddha. As a result, prayer beads are made from it. The gemstone was equally seen as a symbol of royalty in the Middle Age; it is, therefore, used in decorating English regalia of those days. It was seen as among the cardinal gems in the Old World, meaning it was one of the five major gemstones that were seen as precious above every other form of a gemstone. This was the case for a large quantity of it was found in Brazil.

Aside from the points above, Amethyst is also considered as the traditional birthstone for people born in February. It is a semiprecious stone that has won accolades as jewelry over the years.


Though its origin was in Greece, Amethyst has also been found in other parts of the world; principal among these locations is Brazil. Uruguay also has quite a large deposit of Amethyst. It has also been found in several other parts of South America. Over the years, it had been mined in South Korea. Maissau in Austria plays host to the largest opencast Amethyst vein on earth as at today. Russia too is not left out; the country possesses some of the finest Amethyst gems in the world. What about South India? This is another location where Amethyst has been mined in great quantity. In Africa, the gemstone has also been found in Zambia. In fact, Zambia produces up to 1000 tons of Amethyst on an annual basis.

Amethyst was considered as one of the most valuable gemstones until the 18th century, alongside other gemstones, like emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond. Its extensive discovery that came up later removed it from the list of most valuable precious stones. Despite this, it is still being used in making jewelry; only that the jewelry made using Amethyst were not as expensive as they were before it was discovered in large quantity.


Aside from its popular violet color, the gemstone also comes in purple. It equally occurs as secondary hues of blue and red.
Those who collect Amethyst prefer the verities of the gemstone that features red flashes and deep coloration. Its color display forms the major factor in determining its value. The “Deep Russian” remains the highest grade Amethyst today; this variety is very rare, unlike several other varieties of the gemstone.

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