CHARMES Jewellery

CHARMES is the first brand to bring Natural Gemstone jewellery to India. We are the pioneer in Certified Gemstones that are not treated and modified to make their prices cheaper. Our products have the finest quality and finishing than any other gemstone jewelry available in the market.

We now sell to more than 8 countries around the world through our online platform. With our unique and modern designs suitable for daily and special events.


Why Us?
CHARMES is different because we offer you an exquisite range of fine gemstone jewellery designs and a unique and hassle free online shopping experience that you're sure to enjoy.
Do you have a store? Can I visit you?
No, currently we do not have a store, but we do have a manufacturing facility in Jaipur which you can visit if necessary.
Do you have a catalog?
No, we do not have a printed catalog for our product. Every product available is shown online.
Do you offer additional discounts?

No, we do not offer any additional discounts on all items, unless there is an offer mentioned in the product description as "SALE". Our all inclusive MRP is lower than most retail stores becuase our products are offered directly from the manufacturer and with no overheads expences like rent, inventory costs, etc. We are able to pass on this benefit to all our customers and give the most competitive price than any other seller.

How do you process the order?
All orders are made and processed after you have placed an order on the item and each item is handcrafted and takes 1-2 weeks to be made and handed on to you as a final product.