6 Things You Need to Consider When Buying the Ruby Gemstones

6 Things You Need to Consider When Buying the Ruby Gemstones

The number of people buying ruby gemstones has gone up in the recent past. According to recent research, there is an increase of 41% in the total number of people buying the ruby gemstones worldwide. However, despite the high number, up to 56% of ruby gemstone buyers do not know the important things to look for whenever they are shopping for the stones online.

Online shopping has grown in the past few years. It has made the lives of most people easier especially when it comes to shopping. With internet emergence, it is now possible for one to access whatever he or she wants in a few clicks.

However, the process of buying quality ruby gemstone seems to be a daunting task for most of the gem lovers. Since there are lots of sites claiming to sell quality ruby gemstones and lots of information concerning the ruby gemstones, people find it more confusing when shopping for gemstones online.

With the ever emergence of online gem sellers who have no prior experience in the genre, most people find themselves buying synthetic or wrong ruby gemstones which instead of bringing a positive effects infuse problems in the life of the buyers. It is therefore important for one to adhere to the below six guidelines before buying the ruby gemstones online.

1. The Colour of the Ruby Gemstone

Whenever you are shopping for a ruby stone online, it is important that you pay special attention to the stones colour. A real ruby gemstone will either be light red or dark red in colour. The ruby gemstone colour is normally influenced by the presence of the aluminium and the chromium.

2. Different Cut

The shape or the cut of the ruby gemstone is also known to hold lots of significant important which any person shopping online must take into consideration. Some of the most popular cuts ranged from the oval cut, heart cut, round cut and emerald cut ruby gemstones. Being cut or shaped in any of the above shape exhibits every detail of the stone.

3. The Clarity of the Ruby

It does not matter whether you are buying ruby or any other gemstones; the clarity of the stone is used to determine whether it is synthetic or natural. It is therefore advisable for any person buying the ruby gemstone online to observe if the ruby stone has maintained the required level of clarity of not. Never spoil your hard earned cash on a stone that does not have rich clarity.

4. Different Ruby Gemstone Treatment

Most of the ruby gem stone sellers are traders usually claim that they provide non treated ruby or other gemstones. However, in most cases, their claims or boasts never bear any weight. There are several types of gemstones which are known to require essential treatments to help improve or enhance the quality of the gemstone. You do not have to be surprised when you come across a treated ruby gemstone since that is a very normal practise.

5. The Ruby Carat

Whenever you are buying the precious ruby stone online, it is important that you always consider the weight or carat of the stone. As the ruby’s weight increases so is the price of the ruby stone. Before you finalize which stone you are interested in buying, it is important that you first decide on the number of carat you are interested in purchasing.

6. The Origin of the Ruby

The origin of the ruby gemstone does play an important role in the overall value and the pricing of the stone. For example, a Burmese ruby stone will be more costly due to its physical characteristics and colour. The prices of the Madagascar and Kashmiri ruby gemstones are also known to be high due to their rich and immense positive characteristics. The ruby’s origin is also known to contribute to the overall value of the gemstone.

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