5 Types of Gemstones And Their Astrological Importance

5 Types of Gemstones And Their Astrological Importance

Gemstones and jewellery have been popular in India since time immemorial. After all, Indian women and even men have a soft corner for stone studded jewellery items. When we talk about gemstones, they have different significance and importance in India. A lot of people in India purchase Indian store jewellery for astrological reasons. So, before you spend your money on a gemstone studded jewellery item, let us know a little about the astrological significance of some of the most popular gemstones in India.

Types of gemstones and their importance

  • Ruby stone– It is the most expensive gemstone in the Indian market, and it is usually worn for Sun. The red cosmic rates and infra-red radiation emitted by this gemstone offer a lot of advantages. It makes the wearer smart, active and also enhances his/her self-esteem. In addition, ruby is also known for offering respite from sight programs. Talking more about the health benefits, this gemstone also helps cure headaches, bone-related issues, fever, indigestion, etc. Overall, there are numerous benefits of wearing a ruby gemstone.
  • Pearl/moti– This is one of the most commonly purchased gemstones in India. There are numerous types of pearl stones available in the Indian market. Pearls that are imported from the Mediterranean region and the Gulf countries are quite high in quality. Pearl is worn mainly for bringing down the level of stress or tension. Plus, it is also helpful in dealing with marital issues and stomach ailments. The positive effects of pearl on your blood, heart, and mind can be very beneficial. If you are lacking self-confidence, pearl can be the right stone for you.
  • Coral/Moonga– This precious gemstone is bright red in colour, and you can find them in different shades. This opaque gemstone is highly effective for both men and women when it comes to radiating powerful emotions. Different types of diseases can be cured with the use of Coral, such as tropical fevers, jaundice, impotency, fistula, chicken pox, etc. Online stores like Charmes can provide you genuine quality coral stones at the best rates.
  • Emerald/Panna– This green colour gemstone is worn for the planet Mercury. Emerald is quite effective when it comes to making the wearer have excellent control over his/her intestinal and nervous system. In addition, Emerald also shows positive effects on the liver, vocal cord, lunges, and CNS. Emerald is considered to be one of the best options for students.
  • Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj– Being one of the most expensive gemstones in India, the demand for yellow sapphire is definitely quite high. The light yellow colour of this gemstone adds more beauty to the wearer. This gemstone stands for truthfulness, righteousness, and piety. Yellow sapphire is considered as an excellent option for noble people.

So, those were the five major gemstones and their astrological significance. Apart from them, you can come across a lot more options, such as diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat’s eye, etc. Before you purchase Indian stone jewellery from an online store, it is important to be sure about its authenticity. In order to be on the safe side, you should always verify the reputation of the online jewellery store. In this regard, you can definitely trust upon Charmes for the quality of gemstones it offers.

Learning a little about the naturally occurring gemstones and the ones made in the labs is quite important. You should also get some idea about the different grades of gemstones, and how their prices vary as per their grades. In addition, the cut and clarity of a gemstone play a vital role in determining its price. So, know more about these aspects and then buy your favourite gemstone jewellery.

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