5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Gemstone Jewellery From An Online Store

5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Gemstone Jewellery From An Online Store

The beauty of gemstones is simply eternal. Once you buy a gemstone, you can rest assured that it will not lose its value even in the distant future. People buy gemstones for mainly two reasons; either for astrological reasons or for beauty purpose. Gemstone studded jewellery items like kundan, jadau, and navratna are some of the widely sought after jewellery items in the present market. Nowadays, you can purchase even gemstone jewelleries from the online market.

However, some people find it hard to trust the authenticity of the gemstones sold via the online stores. No doubt, gemstones like sapphire and ruby are very much expensive, and if you end up purchasing a fake one or an impure one, you will regret it forever. So, before you purchase stone jewellery online, there are certain important things you need to know. Apart from the aspect of astrology, you also need to have knowledge about how to figure out the authenticity of gemstones.

Choosing the right gemstones online made easy

Certified seller- There are many independent labs in India where gemstones are tested for their composition. Like we know, gemstones are either natural or synthetic. The synthetic ones also contain the same elements; however, they are created under artificial conditions. When you choose an online seller of gemstone, make sure the online dealer is a certified one. In case you don’t see anything relevant on their website, do not hesitate to call them up and ask about the same. Purchasing gemstone jewellery from a certified seller will keep your investment on the safe side.

Origin- In case you are planning to purchase naturally made gemstones, it is important to know about their respective origins. The origin of a gemstone matters a lot in determining its purity level and quality. For example, if you are looking to buy blue sapphire gemstone, you should go for the ones that have their origin in Kashmir, Burma, or Sri Lanka. The blue sapphire stones obtained from these places are among the best in the market. Hence, do enquire about the origin of the stone.

Treatment- Some gemstones are treated before being put on sale. As a matter of fact, when a gemstone is heat treated, some of its properties are lost or destroyed. If you want to purchase gemstone jewellery mainly for astrological purpose, it is better to spend your money on the untreated stones. If you compare the price of untreated gemstones with that of treated, you will find the former one to be more expensive.

Return/refund policy- Before purchasing stone jewellery online, you must take a good look at the return and refund policy of the gemstone supplier. For example, you purchased a gemstone ring, and when it arrived, you found that the size is not the right one for you. In such cases, if the online seller does not accept return/exchange, you will be in trouble. So, keep the important terms & conditions in mind.

Security/safety- Gemstone jewelleries do cost quite a lot. So, if you are purchasing such items online, you also have to make the payment via online systems, such as credit/debit card, net banking, etc. Before making an online transaction of large amount, you must make sure the payment system of the online seller is a secured and encrypted one.

So, those were some of the tips you should keep in mind when purchasing gemstone jewelleries from the online sellers. In addition, also pay attention to the independent reviews, as they can help you with a lot of useful information regarding the product quality of the supplier.

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