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Bollywood diva’s Jewellery Style have always been a source of inspiration for us in many ways. Everything from their haircut to the clothes and accessories they wear is closely noticed and quickly added to our style books so that we could look equally attractive. When it comes to jewellery, every celebrity has their own style which is resonated in their looks that make it to the cover pages of magazines, huge events and sometimes, in their movies too. Which of these five Bollywood divas’ jewellery styles of this year inspires you?

Sonam Kapoor – Statement jeweller

Sonam Kapoor Emerald Necklace
Sonam Kapoor in Elegant Stunning Emerald Necklace

Sonam Kapoor is known for her fabulously stylish looks. She’s been busy recently with the launch and promotion of Rheson – a high street fashion brand that has been started by Sonam and her sister Rhea. In the photos shared on Instagram of her promotion, she flaunts statement earrings in a monochrome pic with her sister. She loves bold Emerald necklaces with big, lustrous rocks.
Pick one of these bold and beautiful looks if you are inspired by Sonam’s jewellery styles.

Alia Bhatt – The Minimalist

Alia Bhatt showing off her Minimal Jewellery
Alia Bhatt showing off her Minimal Jewellery

Alia Bhatt usually keeps it simple. Most of her appearances in the public or in events will show that she likes to keep her jewellery on the lighter side. In western dresses, she usually picks simple earrings – usually tops – while her ethnic looks are complemented with pretty jhumkas. Her looks are effortless and her cheerful personality is complemented beautifully with her choice of simple jewellery. If you prefer simplicity in your looks, then keep it simple yet exciting with these lovely pairs of earrings:

Priyanka chopra – Dangler Love

Priyanka Chopra glittering in Dangling Diamond Earrings
Priyanka Chopra glittering in Dangling Diamond Earrings

This year, most of Priyanka Chopra’s appearances have awed people around the world. From her show-stopping look at the Met Gala to the simple yet stunning look at the Unicef, South African Gala, people look up to her styles in so many ways. We’ve noticed her love for danglers this year. So if you are a Priyanka Chopra fan then you would love to add these danglers to your current accessory box:

Deepika Padukone – Bold

Deepika Padukone rocking in here Bold Ruby Ring
Deepika Padukone rocking in here Bold Ruby Ring

Deepika loves bold looks. She always finds a way to get attention by standing out in the crowd. Lots of people may have complained about her Met Gala look not conforming to the theme, but who can deny that she looked simply stunning in that beautiful white gown. She wore beautiful danglers at the Met Gala, but at the opening ceremony in Cannes, her look was quite seductive in a beautiful Marchesa gown and bold earrings from DGrisgono. If you’ve been hoping to mimic the looks of Deepika then you’d find these jewellery pieces to be interesting:

Parineeti Chopra – Eclectic

Parineeti Chopra and her Indian Theme extravagance
Parineeti Chopra and her Indian Theme extravagance

Parineeti enjoys different styles and looks when it comes to jewellery. This year, some of her looks have been so simple that it didn’t include any accessories at all, while some of her looks have included bold, statement jewellery. Parineeti also captures the essence of Indian tradition in some of her styles wearing jewellery that is intricately designed for the ethnic look. If you like her eclectic looks then you may like these jewellery pieces from our collection.

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